Close Personal Protection (CPP) – Hire Bodyguards, Sydney

CP-SIIG recognises that Close Personal protection (CPP) is a highly specialised field of expertise. Close Personal Protection also known as bodyguard services has changed dramatically over recent years. No longer are heads of state and government officials the only individuals in need of specialised protection. With the increased threat of global terrorism and the concomitant threat of destabilisation targeting western economies there is an ever increasing need for dynamic and organic security of senior members of organisations, both in Australia and whilst abroad. CP-SIIG recognises that this threat is real requiring urgent proactive planning and preparation. That is why we offer reliable protection services for organisations and individuals across Sydney. We allow our clients to choose and hire appropriate bodyguards in order to ensure a high level of security around their businesses.

CP-SIIG has sourced a highly experienced team who are available to:

  • CEOs, CFOs, Board Members
  • All C-Level Management
  • Celebrities and TV Personalities
  • Politicians
  • International Dignitaries
  • Musicians
  • Film Stars
  • High Wealth Families

Both historically and presently, CEO’s and their families have been specifically targeted by criminal and terrorist groups. This threat also extends to Corporations as evidenced in the attacks on the Deutsche Bank, Adobe and ExxonMobil. Whilst a successful attack on a Company could potentially cause substantial financial loss, the devastating result on a family is immeasurable.

The cost to any company targeted could well be substantial, and more importantly the cost to the families involved would be potentially devastating.

CP–SIIG is in the unique position to provide highly trained Close Personal Protection officers with real world experience, extensive knowledge and top level skills. Our service providers are former elite police officers or special forces operatives experienced in providing covert and overt protection to internationally protected people, such as heads of state, government ministers, high-ranking members of the Australian Defence Force and international defence forces represented domestically and abroad.

CP-SIIG’s highly experienced operators and support staff enables us to undertake a thorough threat assessment of any situation (both in the controlled and uncontrolled environment) in order to determine the scale of protected security required to effectively counter/neutralise any level of threat presented.

In preparing for the worse case scenario CP-SIIG’s operators increase the chance of survivability having been trained to treat medical casualties and have received advanced medical training. CP-SIIG, located in Sydney, clearly recognises that the protection of the principal is paramount as well as maintaining a balance between security, safety and the maintaining of a positive public image.

Many of CP-SIIG’s operator’s currently hold or have held high security clearance including secret & top secret and are qualified in classified document/equipment handling and delivery.