Cold Case Investigations

Cold cases are typically ones unsolved after a year or more of investigation. Sometimes it’s forensic evidence and sometimes its merely re-examining clues, but cold cases do get solved. A witness or suspect may decide to talk, or people might be more forthcoming about details after time has passed.

The good thing is that families can reach better closure about what has happened, even though this can mean re-living many painful details at a trial or hearing. Convictions can result, and prison sentences be given, and, inmates already in prison can receive much longer sentences.

The Journal of Forensic Sciences has reported that as opposed to advances in DNA that old-fashioned police work and fresh witnesses look like the keys to solving cold cases. New witnesses help the majority of cold cases where it has conclusively be found that an ex-girlfriend or ex-friend is more likely to come forward many years later.  Funded by the U.S. Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice, the report adds to existing evidence that old-fashioned investigative work, rather than the latest forensic technologies, matters the most in homicide cases.

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