Counter Intelligence – Corporate (Counter Espionage)

CP-SIIG’s service providers can assist your organisation in implementing a comprehensive counter intelligence program to integrate with your already functioning security systems.

Our providers are well aware of disturbing trend which continues to grow and in which intelligence collection techniques are being employed against companies to steal valuable trade secrets and (intellectual property), private information and assets. Due to the very nature of espionage, knowing exact figures is impossible, however, estimates range in the many billions of dollars per year.

With the tools available to employees, criminal elements, competitors and politically motivated groups (protesters), corporate boards and executive officers must understand the threats their businesses face. Australian companies have increasingly become the victim of industrial espionage, often as a result of disgruntled employees, criminal entities, and competitor companies. Continual technological advancements, employed by threat elements further increase the risk of corporate espionage. Outdated and ill-equipped security systems offer soft targets that are prone to exploitation. If successful, and undetected the effect on business efficacy can be potentially devastating.

A number of documented cases have indicated the need for an increase in awareness and implementation of counterintelligence (CI) integrated into security systems to protect the interests of Australian and international companies both at home and abroad in order to maintain sound national economic strength. CP-SIIG can assist in protecting your corporation from the risk of being targeted by competitors, foreign intelligence and criminal elements by implementing a comprehensive organisational security Counter Intelligence Program.