Criminal Investigations & Brief Preparation

Criminal investigation is an applied science that involves the study of facts, used to identify, locate and prove the guilt of a criminal. CP-SIIG has the capabilities and support, to conduct a complete criminal investigation including: searching, interviews, interrogations, evidence collection and preservation and various methods of investigation. Modern-day criminal investigations commonly employ many modern scientific techniques known collectively as forensic science.

Depending on the investigation, investigators may use interviews, surveillance, background checks, medical or forensic techniques, witness examination, document examination, handwriting examination, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), DNA and Fingerprinting. All of these support services are available through the vast array of service providers, which CP-SIIG has hand selected to deal with any contingency.

CP-SIIG’s investigators can create an official report or even act as an expert witness in a criminal trial. Should a formal brief of evidence be required, our expert investigators and legal team are able to competently prepare a formal brief of evidence to the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”