Desktop Investigations

Desktop investigations can provide either an alternative or complimentary cost-effective approach to more traditional investigative methods. Using a vast array of online search techniques and tools, CP-SIIG’s desktop investigations provide other means to collect, collate and analyse information that can assist to identify further investigation strategies. For example, the information obtained from the online investigation may be used to assist in determining the most appropriate time to deploy surveillance, or conduct a more tactically focused factual investigation.

Whilst CP-SIIG incorporates essential online investigations as part of their investigation services as standard, sometimes more specifically focused online investigations may be required. CP-SIIG’s online investigations focus upon identifying, extracting and presenting information about an individual, business or an organisation. Such online searches may include information relating to:

  • Emails/blogs
  • Mobile phone number(s)
  • Past and current business activity/interests
  • Social media accounts
  • Blog searches
  • User name(s)
  • Subscribed online services
  • Past or current online advertising
  • Past or current online classifieds

At the conclusion of the desktop investigation, our investigators will incorporate a comprehensive report relating to their findings.

Desktop investigations are a cost effective method to enable evaluation of future priorities for your corporation or other businesses.