Education, Training & Development

CP-SIIG’s programs are designed to ensure that an employee has the knowledge and skills to undertake a specific operation to enable an organisation to continue to operate with our training being centred on “knowledge transfer”.

“Knowledge transfer” involves the trainees being involved as participants in generating new knowledge that assists your organisation to develop and evolve, rather than maintain the status quo. We focus on developing the capability of an organisation to be able to do things and in particular, the right things in order to be a sustainable and successful organisation.

Learning techniques are utilised to stimulate employees to think about what their organisation does, where it is heading, potential new opportunities for the organisation and new and better ways of doing things, whereby, the operational competency of individuals is to promote and develop the capability of both the individual and their organisation. This directly results in the retention of managers and key employees within the organisation. Ultimately, educated managers and employees are created for the organisation giving the individual employees a more marketable portfolio of skills and, in many cases, recognised qualification.