Escort – Minder

Today more than ever, the pubic perception of any sporting code is of paramount importance as the behaviour of an individual is not only a reflection on the individual but also upon the code they represent.

To protect the interests of the individual and the sporting code,
CP–SIIG can provide a qualified and licensed escort or minder for:

  • Intervention of unwanted or unauthorised recordings by social media and other electronic coverage
  • Professional and low key intervention strategies in all scenarios to protect the players and the sporting code they represent
  • Ensure players adhere to requirements of various legislation including in relation to the responsible service of alcohol
  • GPS back to base communications
  • Emergency evacuation protocols for players in at-risk scenarios
  • VIP access to all clubs in Australia – subject to club acceptances
  • Provision of transportation from taxi to limousine to multi-passenger vehicles both to and from formal events or for more confidential excursions.