Examination Process

For both signature and handwriting matters, CP-SIIG’s service providers make a detailed examination of the questioned and specimen signatures or handwriting with the aid of microscopes in order to ascertain, amongst other parameters, the precise method of construction of letter formations or signature components, their variations, how various letters relate to one another and the fluency of the writing.

Following a detailed examination of all of the writings, the examiner can usually reach a conclusion on the likelihood that the questioned and specimen writings/signatures were written by the one person. That degree of qualitative probability may be so high, or occasionally so low, that the document examiner is able to arrive at a definite conclusion. Limitations to the examination will likely result in qualified findings.

Detailed and comprehensive forensic examinations are often multifaceted and require the application of a combination of scientific methods and the use of a range of the instruments in our laboratories which are all available to CP-SIIG’s service providers.