Executive (Crisis) Coaching and Leadership Requirements

The journey to the top of an organisation is a bit like climbing a mountain; it has to be done in stages. At each stage the individual must prepare and perfect their skills ready for the next part of the climb. Executives need to continually prepare and hone their skills, as they move to the next level within an organisation to ensure they reach their peak. CP-SIIG can assist this journey by focusing on executive effectiveness. We will assist you at your current level and prepare you for the next step, whilst ensuring confidentiality at all times.

CP-SIIG acknowledges that executives are already effective in many areas, so the programs are designed based on your own and your senior executive’s assessments of your needs. We work on executive presence, resilience and leadership mastery. Executive presence includes your communication and influencing skills and the narrative about you. We also acknowledge that your resilience is already exceptional, but to make it to the peak you will need to step to the next level. You will work with a resilience mentor to increase your capability to use your resilience effectively. Leadership mastery will be provided through exposure to the latest leadership thinking from a leadership mentor.

CP-SIIG’s service providers work with organisations on ‘crisis’ coaching before, during and after a crisis occurs. We ensure you have systems and processes in place, ensuring portfolios are established before the crisis occurs and that you are strategically based in your thinking. When the crisis occurs you will be able to speak directly with our service providers to ensure the right advice. Even if it’s only as a sounding board for your course of action, it helps to talk with someone who has vast experience. All verbal advice is followed up in writing along with additional recommendations or action plans (if required). We ensure integrity and confidentiality throughout the entire process.