Executive Level Investigations & Inquiries

The aim of CP-SIIG’s service providers is to conduct reviews that provide confidential, reliable and constructive solutions-based advice which lead to the opening of pathways to improve corporate governance or operational practice. Our focus is to assist organisations to learn lessons, foster best practice and continually improve operational effectiveness and integrity.

CP-SIIG’s service providers have extensive experience in criminal and internal investigations, brief preparation and evidence gathering. This experience has been gained through conducting and reviewing many high profile sensitive executive level investigations over many years.

CP-SIIG’s providers understand that challenges often arise as a result of these investigations and we possess the ability to strike a balance between rights and obligations (both individual and organisational) along with managing ongoing relationships with your employees.

CP-SIIG’s service providers can:

  • Advice on your obligations & procedural fairness
  • Independently review documentation from a completed or existing investigation, providing advice on additional/alternate strategies
  • Conduct comprehensive investigations at Executive level
  • Preparation of ‘Briefs of Evidence’ for submission to Law Enforcement Authorities for consideration of criminal charges or commencement of civil litigation or other proceedings

All investigations are conducted with an investigation plan/service agreement in place along with progress reports to ensure that the client is completely informed of progress. As with all of our services CP-SIIG investigations and reviews will be conducted in a professional and confidential manner.