Financial Audit & Assurance

CP-SIIG’s highly skilled and qualified service providers are ready to take care of all of your financial audit and assurance requirements. Auditing and assurance play an essential role in the effective operation of our capital markets and the economy at large, providing confidence to current and prospective shareholders about the information disclosed by companies.

Shareholders are often quite separate from those managing and governing the companies they own. They need a reliable and independent source of financial information on which to assess the company, and the performance of management. The same can be said for other stakeholders of companies, such as creditors, lenders, employees, analysts, prospective shareholders, governments and communities. Audits and reviews enhance the credibility of the information contained within the financial statements, so that shareholders and other stakeholders can make assessments and decisions with confidence and on a consistent basis.

Assurance refers to the expression of a conclusion that is intended to increase the confidence that users can place in a given subject matter or information. For example, an auditor’s report is a conclusion that increases the confidence that users can place in a company’s financial statements. There are different levels of assurance, which depend on the type of work that the assurance practitioner performs, and these different levels also lead to different types of conclusions.