Fingerprint Services

CP-SIIG has access to modern and well equipped fingerprint examination laboratories accepting criminal, civil and private cases encompassing all aspects of fingerprint analysis. Fingerprint imaging systems (VSC6000 and DCS4), a cyanoacrylate (superglue) fuming chamber, chemical development capabilities and a complete physical development fingerprint kit containing standard black, magnetic and florescent powders are available which allow for the following:

  • development and detection of latent fingermark deposits using physical, chemical and photo-analytical techniques on various substrates (objects)
  • enhancement and imaging of developed fingerprints
  • comparison of developed prints with a known set of fingerprints
  • collection of ink fingerprints (known samples) – rolled impressions taken for the purpose of comparison with a questioned print
  • training in the handling and packaging of exhibits to be sent for fingerprint development
  • delivering seminars on the history of fingerprints, development techniques, enhancement, recording and reporting
  • independent review of reports prepared by other fingerprint examiners
  • presentation of expert evidence in both criminal and civil cases
  • taking fingerprints for travel Visa’s and other applications