Investigations Management

CP-SIIG’s service providers have built their reputations around factual, surveillance and specialist investigation services. They have provided these services to private corporations as well as public sector organisations at local, state and national levels. CP-SIIG’s investigators are drawn from the ranks of former and qualified law enforcement, military and insurance industry. Most have established public sector and private industry experience.

All of our investigators have extensive investigation experience in criminal and civil jurisdictions being well versed in conducting both electronically recorded interviews and typed statements. Regular inservice training is undertaken by our investigators by the Australian Institute for Investigation Training (AIIT) to ensure that investigators maintain currency with any legislative changes and case law outcomes. Our providers focus on a contemporary best practice approach.

CP-SIIG’s investigations are designed around an agreed:

  • Scope and purpose (commonly referred to as Terms of Reference), and
  • Investigation Plan.

In addition, regular written progress reports are provided.

All of our investigations are conducted in accordance with the National Privacy Principles, the Privacy Act 1988 and other specified legislation such as the various Surveillance Devices Acts and, where relevant, organisational Codes of Conduct.