K9 Protective Security

CP-SIIG’s service providers are specialist professionals offering a range of K9 protective security and training services both within Australia and internationally. From providing highly trained and experienced K9 teams for any operational purpose to delivering first class dog and handler training CP-SIIG has the solution. Our highly qualified team have world class experience in both tactical and detection dog specialisations including Firearms, Explosives, Narcotics and Human Scent Detection (Missing Person and Cadaver). Whether it’s a conference venue requiring clearance for explosives or pro-active patrols to deter illicit drugs in a business or private premises we have the capability to deliver.

CP-SIIG can also provide certified training courses in Security Dog Operations and Detection Dog Operations (Firearms, Explosives, Narcotics, Human Scent Detection). We are able to provide complete training packages to clients within the canine law enforcement and private security industries. Our providers have extensive experience and qualifications in all areas of canine law enforcement. They have delivered canine training programs ranging from basic obedience, dog psychology, puppy development, socialisation, and behavioural assessment to more advanced areas of service dog training including tracking, criminal apprehension, agility, tactical deployment, crowd control and searching (people, drugs, firearms, explosives, and human remains).

Our services include:

  • Operational K9 Response Teams
  • Firearms & Explosive Detection
  • Narcotics Detection
  • Proactive canine searches for Human Scent Detection (missing persons and cadaver) at:
    • Building sites
    • Conference venues
    • Sporting venues
    • Entertainment venues
    • Licensed premises
    • Shopping centres
    • Multi-storey office blocks
    • Mining sites
    • Airports
    • Shipping ports
    • Container terminals
    • Schools
    • Business premises
    • Private residence
    • Private functions (including charter boat)

CP-SIIG can also provide related expert witness evidence for either the prosecution, defence or plaintiff in any criminal, civil or administrative court proceedings as well as government enquiries and commissions.


CP-SIIG can provide a complete training package to the private sector and government organisations in the area of K9 protective security and detection as well as nationally accredited courses at Statement of
Attainment level in:

  • Security Dog Operations; and
  • Detection Dog Operations