Legal Services

CP-SIIG’s service provides are not only highly experienced in their given fields of expertise but also have outstanding academic qualifications. Many of CP-SIIG’s service providers hold Law and Accounting degrees themselves with many others highly qualified in the corporate arena. Legal services which we can provided include:

  • Representation at various tribunals including:
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • Migration & Refugee Division (including the Immigration Assessment Authority)
  • Veterans’ Appeals Division
  • Security Division
  • NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)
  • Criminal Law – Prosecution & Defence
  • Civil Law – Plaintiff & Defendant
  • Corporate, Construction, Building & Contracts
  • Immigration Law
  • Tendering with Government and Civilian organisations
  • Representation with Government Authorities including Police, Military and Intelligence Services
  • Compilation of Briefs of Evidence to Standard of Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
  • Legislative Interpretation
  • Covert Workplace Surveillance – Covert Surveillance Authorities as provided for by the NSW Workplace Surveillance Act (2005)
  • Preparation of Affidavits in Support of an application to obtain a Covert Surveillance Authority