Litigation Support

CP-SIIG’s service providers are qualified and experienced to serve as expert witnesses in court. Our providers apply their technical skills to determine what the electronic evidence shows. CP-SIIG can support clients in court, help them prepare for litigation involving electronically stored information (ESI), or provide cyber forensics for use during sensitive internal inquiries.

In preparing evidence our providers work with legal counsel in non-technical areas such as preservation order development, discovery request generation, and deposition support. They have extensive experience providing advice, guidance, and project management to clients and counsel on the production and analysis of electronic evidence.

In analysing this evidence our providers can perform challenging computer forensics as needed, depending on the nature of the evidence as well as the objectives of counsel. We can conduct a variety of technical activities associated with the examination and processing of ESI.

When matters go to court we can provide expert witness testimony in criminal and civil proceedings. Our providers have provided testimony in a multitude of civil cases and criminal cases for both prosecution and defence in all levels of every jurisdiction.