Mentoring (Individual & Group Programs)

CP-SIIG can develop programs to enable the individual or organisation to excel. CP-SIIG’s service providers make mentoring easy, ensuring that it is done well and recorded to ensure maximum return on your investment.

Mentoring is different to coaching as the ‘mentoree’ already has the technical and professional abilities to operate effectively within the workplace. The Mentor provides the opportunities for individuals and groups to step to the next level by “active listening” in a non judgemental environment. It is developing that ongoing relationship between the mentor and mentoree that allows the mentoree to discover new opportunities in a controlled environment.

Our mentoring programs can be delivered one on one or on a group basis. It can be conducted either face to face or online. It is our job to make the client comfortable so we work around your schedule. CP-SIIG’s service providers can design your mentoring program from the ground up for first time users, ensuring you are at ease, at every stage of the process. It is about personal and professional growth. Sessions include written feedback along with access to mentors who have a vast array of experience in the areas of executive leadership, major events and emergency management in a dynamic and fluid environment.