Operational Practice & Integrity Assessment Review

CP-SIIG’s service providers are able to implement an Integrity Management Plan which is a documented and systematic approach to ensure the long-term integrity of an asset or assets. Integrity management planning is a process for assessing and mitigating risks in an effort to reduce both the likelihood and consequences of incidents.

The Integrity Management Plan (IMP) forms a part of the overall asset integrity management system and is audited. The role of asset integrity has never been more critical to the global corporations. Not only can a well-managed asset integrity plan help operators identify and reduce safety risks before they escalate but focusing on asset integrity can also play a major role in both achieving operational excellence and extending the life of ageing assets.

CP-SIIG service providers can implement asset integrity plans and ensure that they are maintained and reviewed regularly so that they:

  • Optimises operational and capital expenditures
  • Ensures adoption of best-in-class practices
  • Assists management of risk
  • Increases shareholder, senior management, regulator and public confidence
  • Identifying risks, conducting assessments, taking preventive actions and implementing mitigate measures