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John Horswell

John Horswell
MSc (Forensic Science), MPM (Public Sector Management), MA (Fire Investigation), FCSFS FRACI C Chem FIFireE FAIM F & CFEI (NAFI/IAFI), M & CFI (IAAI), Churchill Fellow (Arson Fire Investigation)

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Over forty four (44) years experience in Fire & Explosion Forensic Investigations, Motor Vehicle Identification, Vehicle Accident Investigation, Vehicle Accident Damage Assessment, Vehicle Accident Reconstruction; Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Systems and Machinery Failures. He has conducted a wide range of investigations covering all aspects of accidental and deliberate fire causation. John has completed 13 years as a Forensic Consultant, with Approved Forensics Sdn Bhd, and prior to that, a 30 year policing and law enforcement career with combined service in the Northern Territory of Australia and Australian Federal Police. During his service with the Australian Federal Police, John was in charge of the Crime Scenes Branch where he coordinated the provision of all Forensic Services, which included both the Forensic Science Laboratory and Forensic Investigation and Technical Services areas of the Forensic Services Division, to the Australian Capital Territory Region, which includes the Territory of Jervis Bay and the external Territories of Norfolk and Christmas Island, through managing a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Specialising in investigations into fires and causation in areas such as:
  • Hotels
  • Houses
  • Large shopping complexes
  • Bars
  • High-rise buildings
  • Businesses and factory buildings
  • Raw material and finished product warehouses and stores
  • Vehicles of various types
  • Theatres
  • Nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Food hall outlets
  • Bio-diesel industries
  • Cotton (ginning, weaving and finished textiles)
  • Leather (tanning)
  • Poultry production (eggs and meat)
  • Gyprock plasterboard manufacturing
  • Printing, Paper and Stationary
  • Food manufacturing, wholesalers and retailers
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Building
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Computer Industry – Laptop
  • Vehicle spare parts
  • Vehicle repairers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Coconut fibre
  • Chocolate
  • Paint manufacture
  • Paint retailing
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical storage and warehouses
  • Power Generation- generators and transformers

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