Paper & Ink Examination

CP-SIIG’s service providers can undertake non-invasive forensic examinations of papers as well as writing and printing inks. It is necessary to do so in matters where a question arises as to: whether a document has been altered; when an entry was written and/or a document created; the order in which entries were written; whether a document is genuine or counterfeit; recovering and deciphering faded/bleached/obliterated/erased entries; whether documents or entries thereon are original or reproduction; the method of production of a document; whether multiple documents have a common source; and so on.

In those cases where non-invasive examination is unable to provide sufficient information to address the questions raised, it may be necessary to consider invasive paper and/or ink analysis. Invasive examination techniques require samples to be taken from the document. Therefore, it is important to remember that all non-invasive forensic examinations and comparisons must be completed prior to invasive examinations in order to avoid loss of potential evidence.