Security & Risk Analysis

Most organisations have plans and procedures in place to mitigate major risks to their operations, reputation, welfare and public safety. In organisations that are more susceptible to serious threats, these plans and procedures need to be regularly reviewed and revised to meet the needs of changing circumstances.

CP-SIIG can perform risk analysis and reviews for private sector and government organisations, concentrating, in particular, on risks associated with security, criminal activity, policing and law enforcement.

The scope of our analysis, review and advice covers many areas including:

  • Systems management
  • Education
  • Training
  • Media management
  • Interoperability between Federal and State agencies
  • Implementation of technical and legal systems for both Federal and State agencies

As every review is individual and unique the scope of work will be agreed in the Terms of Reference. Every review will invariably contain the core issues relating to the efficiency of administrative systems, processes and policies of your organisation.