Sequencing & Relative Dating

While determining the absolute time and date that a document was produced or an entry was written is very rare, it is often possible for CP-SIIG’s service providers to determine the relative time of the production of a document or specific entries on a document by reference to other entries or documents. Such examinations are relevant to cases involving medical records, lawyers’ file notes, personal diaries, accounting records, minutes of company meetings and so on.

Through the use of various macroscopic, microscopic, ESDA and VSC techniques CP-SIIGs highly trained and qualified service providers may be able to demonstrate that a particular handwritten or printed entry has been added at a later time than other entries of known date. Similarly, they may be able to demonstrate that a series of documents alleged to have been produced on respective dates over a long period of time have in fact been produced all at the one time and/or out of date order.