Specialist Investigations & Organisational Review

CP-SIIG has service providers who are specialists in investigations and reviews. Our personnel, have extensive experience as high level specialist investigators and senior executive managers, including Commissioners of both the AFP and NSW Police Forces, as well as the military and intelligence services. Our investigators have conducted successful single and multiple jurisdictional investigations for offences including, but not limited to: terrorism, homicide, aggravated robbery, drug manufacture and drug supply offences, fraud, larceny, corruption and an array of other criminal offences.

CP-SIIG’s service providers have given testimony in all jurisdictions including Local, District and Supreme Courts. Our providers are specialists in conducting investigations on such critical issues as:

  • Corrupt conduct by Executive level employees
  • Complex and/or large value thefts
  • Complex and/or large value fraud
  • Staged motor vehicle and workplace accidents, orchestrated injuries to persons and theft of property

Our service providers have also conducted investigations on behalf of high profile clients, sporting personalities and celebrities that require precision with maximum discretion. Often, the investigations may include allegations of improper and/or criminal conduct by employees.

We are able to become involved in investigative activity at various stages, including:

  • Conducting the investigation from commencement to conclusion
  • Undertaking an independent review of a completed investigation and providing advice and recommendations on further avenues and strategies
  • Interviewing and/or obtaining statements from parties concerned
  • Preparing evidence for submission to the appropriate law enforcement agency in each State or Territory for the consideration of criminal charges, or alternatively, the institution of civil proceedings

Our investigators do not just concentrate on ascertaining the facts. Critically, we aim to identify if the cause of the initial matter was as a result of deficient systems or processes of the organisation, and offer recommendations (including training). As important, and where relevant, we look at organisational cultural issues. Most notably, we aim to build resilience back into the organisation’s systems and processes. Ultimately, the goal of CP-SIIG’s service providers is to provide holistic outcomes based on our investigations.