Surveillance Training

The Advanced Covert Surveillance & Investigation course is specifically designed for those persons working in government and private sector who are required as part of their job description to carry out covert surveillance duties. Surveillance training is based on current methodologies incorporated by most, if not all specialist law enforcement surveillance teams working in Australia.

This challenging and informative course has been specifically designed for those persons working in an environment where receiving collecting and interpreting information through clear communications is vital to a successful operation.

This hands-on course takes a practical approach towards covert surveillance and uses a typical operation from the initial receipt of information up to the presentation of both visual and written evidence at court as its base. Participants will be required to:

  • Attend various locations to gather information where clear thinking and good team work is vital to achieving the objective
  • Learn how to interpret situations and ensure that all relevant information is gathered and assessed before important decisions are made
  • Practise the correct and most efficient way to conduct surveillance and will allow investigators to identify any deficiencies in current procedures and will result in your agency gaining an enviable reputation as a leader in surveillance practices

CP-SIIG uses true to life training scenarios that require course participants to make decisions under difficult and sometimes stressful conditions whilst under the guidance of a professional and experienced instructors.