VIP Drivers, Vehicles & Security Services

CP-SIIG offers a unique security service incorporating specialist drivers and vehicles. In our modern commercial environment budgetary considerations are as equally important as obtaining a satisfactory result. CP-SIIG offers a service where all of our drivers are qualified security officers sourced from law enforcement and military backgrounds. Where previously a corporate executive may have chosen to travel with a driver and forgo the additional expense of a security officer. Now only your driver and security officer is “all in-one”.

CP–SIIG can provide vehicles, chauffeurs and the protection officers to escort key personnel, persons at risk or groups to any destination in Australia, whether it be a city office to the airport or a group for a conference in outback NSW or interstate.

CP-SIIG has a wide range of vehicles available including executive limousines, executive armoured limousines, armoured vehicles, multi-passenger vans, buses and many others.