Travel Intelligence

CP-SIIG’s Intelligence Analysts can provide expert advice to keep your employees and expatriates safe whilst travelling overseas conducting business on your organisation’s behalf. Our team will provide information to assist with your plan to mitigate risks and provide a duty of care obligations.

Our travel advice utilises the resources used by our own staff whilst conducting operations abroad, with a focus on ensuring members are aware of physical, environmental, health and geopolitical issues that may affect safety and security.

Travel reports include advice regarding:

  • Immunisations and visa requirements
  • Animal disease control updates (Ebola and H1N1) endemic advice
  • Environmental information
  • Geopolitical issues that may effect security to foreigners
  • Cultural awareness and legal implications
  • Locations and contacts of embassies and consulates
  • Emergency planning and contact information
  • Advice to prevent becoming a target of crimes such as muggings and sexual assault.