Personal Protection

CP–SIIG provides a protection program to the corporate sector previously only available through federal and state law enforcement agencies.

Like law enforcement bodies, the CP–SIIG program and operations are kept secret. Those under protection are given 24-hour security while in a high-threat environment.

The members of the CP–SIIG Personal Protection Unit are trained in the tactics of protection, use of firearms, surveillance, self–defense, physical and tactical responses. The client receives the best protection available from a hand-picked team of trained personnel.

We work closely with legal teams and law enforcement offices to provide protection, with our operatives using the latest security measures, protection tactics, and surveillance equipment.

In addition to offering both personal security and protection services, CP–SIIG can also secure housing facilities in remote locations and provide 24-hour onsite security.

CP–SIIG can also conduct an assessment of the threat or potential for danger. This assessment includes an analysis of the extent the person or persons making the threats appear to have the resources, intent and motivation to carry out the threats, and how credible and serious the threats appear to be.

For whatever reason the person or persons require protection, their welfare and safety is of fundamental and paramount importance to us.

Where required, we also devise plans, in consultation with service providers, to meet the client’s day-to-day welfare needs. For example, facilitating service delivery for clients that may require drug or alcohol services, financial or family support services.

Our services in the area of witness and personal protection also include:

  • Relocating the client and their relatives or associates interstate or overseas, if necessary
  • Accommodating in temporary or long-term secure locations locally, interstate or overseas
  • Accommodating and transporting persons from overseas to secure locations within Australia
  • Providing protection for close personal security inside and outside a court
  • Enabling the person to give their evidence via a video conference if this is appropriate.